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Investment bonds give you access to a wide range of funds to provide capital growth over the medium to long term. Find out more The Co‑operative Investments offers access to the Investment Bond provided by Norwich Union, which has a number of features: Over 90 fund choices are available, including all the funds offered by The Co‑operative Investments. Find out more about fund choices The minimum investment amount is £5,000. If you are under age 75, you pay no initial charge and you will get an extra 1.5% added to your initial investment There is… Read Article →

Investment is a huge thing when it comes to business if you don’t invest you’ll never improve in St Ives recently many companies have been investing heavily in order to improve an important investment to think about is improving your corporate building e.g. hiring specialists roofers. The highest quality roofers in St Ives are certainly ELC they’ve even saved Ipswich town FC stadium’s roof which allowed the match to go ahead so its important but do pay for the right company to produce the best results on your new building. UK Growth Trust What it… Read Article →

long-term investments

Saving for your retirement is crucial as we are now living longer, healthier and more active lifes. Putting some money aside as early as possible could make a big difference to you later on in life. See what ISA’s and Trust Funds are out there What is a pension? A pension is a cost effective way to save for your retirement because you get tax relief on the money you pay in. This means that for every £80 paid into a personal pension, the Government will add £20. Take control of your future We want… Read Article →

UK Income with Growth Trust What it invests in About 60 carefully chosen UK stocks and bonds. Shares aim for growth and bonds provide income. We aim for the highest overall return from both for you. Who it is suited too Investors looking for a balance of shares and bonds who want growth as well as adding a bit extra to their income each quarter (for example, if nearing retirement or already retired). Also suits investors wanting less risk than a fund that only invests in shares. Risk profile Cautious – the fund is suitable… Read Article →

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