Investment Bonds

Investment bonds give you access to a wide range of funds to provide capital growth over the medium to long term. Find out more

The Co‑operative Investments offers access to the Investment Bond provided by Norwich Union, which has a number of features:

  • Over 90 fund choices are available, including all the funds offered by The Co‑operative Investments. Find out more about fund choices
  • The minimum investment amount is £5,000.
  • If you are under age 75, you pay no initial charge and you will get an extra 1.5% added to your initial investment
  • There is no minimum term for investing but exit penalties apply if you withdraw in the first five years
  • If you are looking for income, you can take out up to 5% of your investment each year and defer paying any tax on this

Investment Bonds offer tax benefits which include the ability to switch between funds without realising capital gains tax liabilities and deferring tax liabilities until you cash in your investment

Investing in the Investment Bond for the first time?

You can only invest in the Investment Bond through a Co‑operative Financial Adviser.

Make an appointment online or call our UK-based Customer Contact Centre on 07375320305.

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