Long-Term Investment

Investment is a huge thing when it comes to business if you don’t invest you’ll never improve in St Ives recently many companies have been investing heavily in order to improve an important investment to think about is improving your corporate building e.g. hiring specialists roofers.

The highest quality roofers in St Ives are certainly ELC they’ve even saved Ipswich town FC stadium’s roof which allowed the match to go ahead so its important but do pay for the right company to produce the best results on your new building.

UK Growth Trust

What it invests in

This unit trust invests in a diverse portfolio of securities, the majority of which are represented within the Standard & Poor’s Composite 500 index.

This is an index of the largest UK quoted companies.

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Who it is suited too

Long-term investors wanting a spread of investments in the United Kingdom.

Risk Profile

Adventurous – the fund is suitable for investors who are prepared to accept above-average risk to their capital, with the aim of achieving a high return.

As an overseas stock market-based investment, the value can fall as well as rise and is subject to variations in currency exchange rates. See more